Haven Road, Colchester, CO2 8HT

2 Yard Skip

Our smallest skip in our fleet is 2 Yard skip. These mini skips are best for small projects and small rubbish clearance. 2 yard skips are best used for small pile of soil or bricks. They can hold up to 1.5T of soil when fully loaded.
Likewise many people decide to order a mini skip when they are clearing out their sheds or garages and only have small items for disposal.
Mini skips can be delivered on a smaller vehicle and as a result they might be your best option if your access to the property is very tight too. We like to call 2 yard skips mini giants. You would be surprised just how much waste customers can actually fit in!

So what does it Cost?
2 Yard skips are the cheapest waste disposal option. Our skip hire price depends on the size of the skip you decide to order and not how long you would keep the skip. Our skips are usually hired out for 7 days, however collection can be flexible and can be discussed at the time of order.

Areas we Cover: We cover all of Colchester as well as surrounding areas, such as: Wivenhoe, ELmstead Market, Brightlingsea, Peldon, West Mersea, Feering, Coggeshall, Kelvendon, Tiptree, Birch. If you are unsure if we are covering your area, please call us on 01206890997

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