Price of Skips 2020

Skip Hire Price

Price of skips 2020, it always depends on disposal cost imposed on Skip Hire Company. Waste tax increases year on year. Skip Price also depends on other cost factors which we face each year, such as, cost of fuel and running cost of business. Price you pay is affected by cost of living, wage increase etc.

At Core Fusion Skip Hire we try to keep our price as low as possible. Our profit margins are kept low to ensure our customers can hire a skip at lower price than what they would pay if they decided to book a skip with another company.

Plan for 2020

We are currently looking at our price list and will decide on the price should the national living as well as minimum wage see a dramatic increase. As mentioned before, we try our best to keep the cost of skips low, ensuring our customers receive the best skip hire service at best price.

When is the price of skips likely to increase in 2020?

The price increase could happen at any given time. We closely monitor all aspects, which influent the change of price. It depends on disposal cost, which we incur whilst disposing of your waste. We also monitor price of fuel which is a very big factor on our line of work. Of course VAT and Corporation Tax as well as National Insurance Contributions can also affect our price to you. Normal increase is likely to happen between March and April 2020.

Will I be aware of Price Increase before my order?

As soon as we decide if we will increase the price of our skips, we will ensure our website has been updated. Should there be a delay between the price increase and website update, your price will remain at the cost onn our website. As Always, we will not be applying any hidden cost.

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