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Looking for affordable skip hire in Colchester? At Core Fusion Skip Hire, we strive to offer cheap skip hire services without compromising on quality. Our prices depend on the size of the skip you need and your delivery address. Please note that the prices quoted below are for the Colchester area and may vary depending on your postcode and distance from our site.

  • Mini Skip: From £95.83
  • Midi Skip: From £165.83
  • Builders Skip: From £233.33
  • Large Skip: From £295.83

Price quoted is before 20% vat

These prices are subject to change based on various factors such as disposal costs, fuel prices, taxes, and other operating expenses. We aim to keep our customers informed about any price changes through our website. Rest assured, the price quoted on our site at the time of booking will be honoured even if there are subsequent price increases.

If you have any questions or would like to book cheap skip hire in Colchester, please contact our friendly team.

Skip Hire Price in Colchester

When is the Cost of Skips likely to increase?

The price increase could happen at any given time, depending on the UK economy. We closely monitor all aspects, which influent the change in price. It depends on disposal cost, which we incur whilst disposing of your waste. We also monitor the price of fuel which is a very big factor in our line of work of providing the best skip hire Colchester can offer. Of course, VAT and Corporation Tax as well as National Insurance Contributions can also affect our price to you. A normal increase is likely to happen between March and April.

Will I be aware of Price Increase before my order?

As soon as we decide if we will increase the price of our skips, we will ensure our website has been updated. Should there be a delay between the price increase and the website update, your price will remain at the cost quoted on our website. As always, we will not be applying any hidden costs. Just another reason why Core Fusion is the best skip hire Colchester can offer. If you require skip hire in Colchester be sure to contact our friendly team.

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