6 things to consider when preparing for our Colchester skip hire

If you are looking for a Colchester skip, you have landed in the right place! As the best skip hire company in Colchester. We here at Core Fusion have been supplying a variety of sized skips to residents of Colchester and the surrounding area since 2010. As a result, we have learned a thing or two, especially about the best way to prepare yourself and your property for a domestic skip.

And it is at this time of year, on the cusp of summer, that many of you will be doing major work on the home or garden which will inevitably lead to needing a skip to dispose your waste. If this applies to you, or if you are considering hiring a skip in the future, then we strongly advise you to read this blog; 6 things you need to consider when preparing for your skip!

Overhead obstructions

One of the first things to consider when hiring a skip is whether there are any overhead obstructions that could hinder our delivery and collection of your Colchester skip. Our skip lorries will need at least 3-4 metres of clear height clearance. To ensure we can safely lift the skip into place. If you have any obstructions listed below, please notify us in advance:

  • power lines and phone lines
  • trees
  • sky dish

Skip placement

The next thing to consider for your Colchester skip is the skip placement. As above, it is imperative that our skip-loading vehicles can safely deliver the skip without the possibility of damaging property. The skip placement should be away from any walls or large obstacles. Your chosen spot should be able to take the weight of a full skip and 18 tonne lorry. Therefore, think about the surface and whether it could be damaged by heavy weight. Also, consider placing the skip in a way that is convenient for whatever use you have for it. Please note, that once the skip has been placed it cannot be moved.

This is also the time to make sure the skip will actually fit into your chosen spot. Be sure to measure the space to check it is large enough for the skip to be safely set on.

Clear any obstacles

Now that you have chosen a spot for your skip that is clear both above and around it. Think about any other obstacles in both the area of the skip and the route our loading vehicle will need to take. We can not reach over large piles. Therefore, please ensure our path is clear. We appreciate your help in ensuring our drivers are not delayed because of obstacles.

Colchester skip preparation | core fusion

Inform immediate neighbours

If you have neighbours in close proximity we strongly advise offering them the courtesy of telling them you are getting a skip. Not only will this give them the foreknowledge to help rearrange their day if needed (for which they will be grateful!), but as our skip-loading vehicles are large it will help us if they have moved their cars etc beforehand to allow us easier access. This is especially relevant if you share a drive with your neighbour.

Is there enough turning space for our vehicles?

Following on from above, one of the other reasons it is worth informing your neighbours of our arrival is our vehicles require at least 3 metres of clearing width to safely deliver/collect a skip. Please note that if this is not possible we may not be able to deliver/collect the skip. If you do happen to live on a particularly narrow road/lane which makes this difficult, contact our team for other alternatives.

Do I need to be home when the skip is delivered?

No. As long as you let us know where you would like the skip to be placed. We will include the details for the driver, delivering your Colchester skip hire . As such, we will ensure we have your chosen spot correctly. Please also ensure that at collection time, the path in front of the skip is clear. Items, such as building materials, tonne bags, must not be left infront of the skip . Furthermore, please ensure your car isn’t parked in front of the skip if you are not at home.
Be mindful that the drivers must be able to safely walk around the skip to ensure they can connect all the lifting chains. Likewise, no items should be leaned against the skip, or stacked around the skip.

Order your next Colchester skip from Core Fusion

If you have ordered a skip, or are planning to order a skip in Colchester, then we at Core Fusion, hope that this blog has been helpful! By following these steps you will protect both your and your neighbour’s property. And thus allowing us to perform our services to the best of our abilities. If you have any questions relating to this blog, or if you are looking to order a Colchester skip for your home, contact our friendly team today.

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