What size skip do I need for my skip hire in Colchester?

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There are many reasons why you may ask yourself the question, “What size skip do I need?” when thinking about disposing of waste from a project. You may have recently purchased a new property and need to clear unwanted items. Or you may be thinking about that long overdue renovation in the house or in the garden and are conscious that there will be a lot of leftover waste to dispose of. Whatever your reasons, asking yourself the question “What size skip do I need” is an important one when thinking about skip hire in Colchester.

Options to dispose of waste

Fortunately for you, when it comes to anything relating to skip hire in Colchester, you can count on the best skip hire Colchester has to offer, Core Fusion, to deliver the best size skip for your project. Because even the smallest home or garden renovation projects can surprise you with the amount of waste they produce, which will be difficult to dispose of through the normal means of leaving it for the bin men. In fact, Colchester City Council will only accept 3 black bin bags every 2 weeks from Colchester residents, meaning if you want to dispose of larger amounts of waste you only have 2 options. The first option is to take the waste to the Colchester Recycling Centre yourself. But be aware, you now have to pre-book a time slot (plus you may have to make several trips if there is a lot of waste). You also have the inconvenience of having to physically load your vehicle with the waste and then carry it to the appropriate skip when at the recycling centre.

The second option is to look for skips for hire in Colchester that will provide you with a skip, delivered straight to your property and then collected once full. Any heavy lifting will only need to be from wherever you are renovating to wherever the skip is placed. As the best skip hire Colchester has to offer, we here at Core Fusion may be a little biased about which option you should go for, but we can guarantee there is a lot less stress and a lot less of your time required when opting for skip hire in Colchester. So let’s assume you have opted for the skip hire in Colchester option. The next question you will naturally be asking yourself is “Exactly what size skip do I need for my requirements?”

What size skip do i need? | core fusion

What size skip do I need?

We here at Core Fusion offer so many different sized skips for hire Colchester residents will always have a suitable solution to their amounts of waste. We always liaise with our clients to ensure they are getting the correct size skip that matches the goal of their project. But for the purposes of this blog, we have put together a rough guide showing what size skips would be suitable for different sized projects. This is based on how many full black bin bags each skip is capable of containing. For example, a 2 yard skip should be able to contain between 15-20 full, black bin bags. So take a look below to answer your question of “What size skip do I need?”

Different sized skips

2 yard skip/3 yard skip/4 yard skip (mini skips) – These size skips are ideal for those smaller projects such as a general house or garage clear-out.
5 yard skip (mini skip) – Our 5 yard skips can come with a door on the front that can be lowered, allowing for easier loading of soil or hardcore, or can come with no door.
6 yard skip (builders/midi skip) – This size skip also comes with both door or no door options, and can carry a weight of 6 tonnes and can be used for soil and hardcore.
8 yard skip (builders/midi skip) – The 8-yard skip can also come with a door or no door and is the largest skip for disposal of soil or hardcore, up to a weight of 8 tonnes.
10 yard skip (large skip)- Our large skips are for light waste only, such as beds, wardrobes and sofas, and are not allowed for heavy waste such as soil and hardcore.
12 yard skip (large skip) – Our large skips are for light waste only and not suitable for soil or hardcore. This skip can be open or enclosed, so you can lock it when not in use.
14 yard skip – Our 14 yard skip works in the same way as our 12 yard skip, but is larger and can also be open or enclosed so you can lock it if needed.

Skip hire in Colchester

So now that you know the answer to the question, what size skip do I need?”, you can order any of the different sized skips mentioned above from the best skip hire Colchester has available, Core Fusion. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to discuss your skip hire requirements to ensure you get the correct size skip for your project. So for the best skip hire in Colchester, contact Core Fusion today. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

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